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Vi bestræber os på udgive nyheder regelmæssigt. Når pressemeddelelser udsendes, vil relevante parter og eksterne medier blive notificeret ud over offentliggørelse på denne hjemmeside.

Acquisition of office location to strengthen representation in Benelux

ILC is acquiring more than 1000 square feet of luxuries office space in the Mercator building at Rue de la Loi 26, 1040 Bruxelles. After being tenants for approximately six years ILC has taken the decision to sign a purchase agreement for the location. The office has been bought from an international conglomerate (UPEC SA) and the contract also includes three prime parking lots and a storage facility situated in the same building.

According to the office manager at ILC Belgium there are several reasons for the acquisition “Our decision was based on several requirements that where thoroughly evaluated before entering the agreement. First of all the office has an extremely attractive location that is easy accessible by all means of transport and secondly it is large enough to accommodate everyone even when considering the prospects for future growth. As a nice finishing touch the office is very luxuries and situated on the 11th floor as a small penthouse build on the roof of the Mercator building and finally there is a private terrace surrounding the entire office.” As the office manager is explaining she seems to be extremely enthusiastic about the purchase.

The location “Rue de la Loi“ could not be more appropriate for an international company. The European parliament is situated less than 700 meters away from the office and the Belgian parliament is only 500 meters away. The neighbours include the Swiss embassy, the Belgian ministry of internal affairs, two business centres and at the ground floor the television channel Bloomberg has their European representation.

According to the CEO of International Lighting Company there are strategic advantages behind the decision to purchase the office. He says “One can simply not ignore the consistency and viability that ILC Belgium has shown as a sustainable administrative base for our activities in central Europe..” He continues by adding “It is my belief that Belgium will play an even more important role in our entire European corporate structure in the years ahead and acquiring the office was simply a question of consolidation and preparation for future growth..”

ILC has positioned itself very well for the future according to a real estate agent in Bruxelles. He says “For the last 10 to 15 years the prices for office space hasn’t moved. Although we are in the midst of a recession it seems this is about to change and we predict that the prices will soon be rising ..”
The real estate agent from the company King Sturge ads “Shortly after ILC signed the agreement a potential investor wanted office space in the Mercator building and he proposed to offer nearly a 20% mark up on the price ILC paid ..”

ILC has no plans of selling the office but sold the storage room in the building shortly after the purchase and made a profit of nearly 300%. “We are proud of our new office, it completely meet our needs. The quick sale of the storage room was a part of our original plan when entering the purchase agreement and we are definitely going to stay at the office for many years ahead..” says the CFO of International Lighting Company.

MetroXpress media coverage of ILC

A while ago the free daily newspaper Metro Xpress brought and article about cross country integration of the people leaving in the Oresund region. The article focused on explaining how a few dynamic companies in Denmark and Sweden leapfrogged competitors in integrating foreign employees. ILC was depicted as one of the leaders within cross country integration and the front page showed a picture of some the Scandinavian employees socializing.

From the HR department a representative has been quoted saying “When looking back at the positive results our multinational organisational approach has yielded we are about to strengthen our efforts ..” The representative was referring to the fact that ILC now offers full compensation of all travel cost for employees coming from Sweden and Norway.

Furthermore ILC has intentions of aiming at an even greater penetration of the Swedish market within industrial lighting purely based on activities originating from the office in Copenhagen. “We are raising the odds and are now moving forward with a serious attempt to gain a greater share of the Swedish market..” says an employee from the marketing department.

“Meanwhile expanding our marketing efforts in Sweden the goal is to build a reputation as the most attractive and serious alternative for employment in Denmark among Swedish people..” says the representative from the HR department of ILC. “Hopefully the media will soon pick up on the positive aspects of cross country employment and we expect that ILC again will be mentioned as a positive example..” he ads.

MetroXpress media coverage of ILC

ILC (Europe) are currently celebrating that the first activities were initiated 10 years ago in 1999 with ILC being established in Copenhagen. Since 1999 some very successful and eventful years have passed and the management would like to use the 10 years anniversary as an opportunity to summarize the most important events meanwhile revealing parts of the future strategic road map that is currently being formed.

“It has been a 10 very interesting years with lots of positive developments..” says the CEO. He continues by adding “With the foundation that ILC has built both in terms of wide geographical representation, substantial market share and wide product base the outlook for the next 10 years looks very promising..”.

Over the cause of the past 10 years ILC has managed to expand its activities to stretch across 11 major Europeans markets. For the main markets in Scandinavia and Benelux the market share has risen to significant levels, resulting in the lighting industries recognition of ILC as a major player that ranks among those who sets the standards. The product range that ILC has now is very extensive and satisfies the needs of the vast majority of the European industrial and institutional markets. With the number of customers now being counted in hundred thousands, future expansions of the existing product portfolio could boost the growth of ILC and make the market share skyrocket.

When asked more explicitly about the future the CEO of ILC replies “Currently we are deeply embedded in the exciting work of forming our Strategy 2015 plan, which when made public will make clear what is ahead in the next five years..” In connection to the Strategy 2015 plan the CEO ads “It can be revealed that our strategic aims for the next five years are supported by two main pillars of action.

Our top priority will be to expand our product range to encompass a wider assortment of high quality long life lighting articles and secondly we are aiming towards gradually using a more diversified network of distribution means to canalize our products downstream towards our customers..” Finally he explains that the Strategy 2015 plan has been scheduled for official release in 2010 and that it will contain much more specific information. ILC celebrates its 10 years anniversary through special campaigns with outstanding offers for the customers. The company also has several competitions running with gifts such as travels, mp3 players and much more that are given away in lotteries based on random drawn customer numbers. A representative from the marketing department comments “We have sent the first happy customer away on a vacation with his family and more travels will be given away over the cause of the year..” He summarizes by adding “We want our customers to take part in the celebration of 10 successful years and see no better way than having competitions and great offers..”

NEW Corporate Social Responsibility initiativeC

According to sources from the European Union, the WEEE directive has not proved easy to implement, although the legislation to restrict the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment together with the promotion of collecting and recycling such equipment has been in force since August 2004. Only a third of electrical and electronic waste is reported to be treated in line with these laws and the other two thirds are going to landfill and potentially to sub-standard treatment sites in or outside the European Union. Apart from losing out on valuable secondary raw materials, this is especially worrisome since inadequately treated products pose major environmental and health risks.

As a result ILC has now taken the matter into the companies own hands. From the head of the companies environmental department the following promise has been made “All of our customers that have old incapacitated products can return these to us at the same time as they place an order for new ones..”

An official source from the European Union has been cited saying “Legislation on electrical and electronic equipment has proved difficult to implement and enforce by market actors and public authorities. The commission proposes measures to address these difficulties and reduce the cost of putting into effect the revised directives..”

ILC will not await new measures to be taken. “We take our strategy plan and public statement about environmental responsibility very serious.. Apparently the politicians do not have the means to enforce that the intentions on sustainability are being carried out..” says a representative from ILC.

When informing a representative from ILC about the wish to return incapacitated products a return number will be issued at the time of placing a new order. The old products can then be returned for recycling or environmentally respectful handling free of charge.

Future product launches

After a successful introduction of T5 tubes in 2008, ILC now has plans of adding a wide range of new lighting articles to the portfolio of available Long Lasting products. “We have increased our product development budget substantially..” says an employee of ILC and he continues by adding “We are aiming at being able to introduce at least 5 new categories of different long life lighting products within the Long Lasting range..”

It is possible that ILC will be able to introduce new products within areas such as halogen lamps, compact lights, high pressure sodium lamps, incandescent lamps and emergency lighting. The product development manager states that “We have experienced significantly improved results with high pressure sodium lamps and it looks like we will be able to have an astonishing product ready for the market within a very short time frame. Our results show that it will be possible to bring forward a high pressure sodium lamp that has unique technical capabilities and an unprecedented lifetime..”

The market potential for a long life high pressure sodium lamp that is quality wise superior to the general market standards is estimated to be very large. An employee from the marketing department of ILC says “From all over the market we are receiving signals that the demand for a more durable alternative to standard high pressure sodium lamps is of a substantial scale.”

According to leading observers of the lighting industry it is very likely that the introduction of high pressure sodium lamps could be the companies next block buster product.

Meanwhile using great efforts on high pressure sodium lamps ILC is occupied with investigating several other product areas. The result on other key research fields are very promising and it is worthwhile underlining that initial lab testing of compact lamps indicates a possibility of extending the average lifetime with up to 300 percent. “We will keep all stakeholders updated as our R&D efforts reveals new results..” says the communication department of ILC.

Finally ILC also makes clear that the company is not overlooking the worldwide progress that is being made on the area of LED light tubes. The CEO says “We are closely monitoring the increasing interest in LED lighting but our evaluation so far is that the technology is still in its infancy. As soon as we evaluate that the technological foundation is more reliable we will move towards prioritizing LED lighting as a key strategic area..”

Initiativ with free product samples to boost the overall market share of Long Lasting Lights

DEB has surprised its customers, competitors and other market spectators by becoming the first industrial lighting supplier in Scandinavia that is using a groundbreaking new approach to increase the market share of Long Lasting Lights. The company has decided to give potential new customers a chance of testing the Long Lasting lighting product range completely free of charges and without any further obligations.

According to a member of the marketing team the introduction of the new approach has been thought carefully trough. “..We had many considerations of the pros and cons of giving away products for free. Initially we were afraid that it could send a wrong signal and lower the perceived value of our products.. However seen from another perspective it proves that we are confident of the quality of our products and truely belief that just trying them automatically creates a long term sustainable customer relationship..”

The market for industrial lighting has seen increasing competition and pressure on prices over the last couple of years. This has decoupled the attention of the professional consumers away from the importance of quality aspects and thereby lowered the average quality of the products being used. “..It is truly a disaster that many offices, warehouses and production facilities are using low cost fluorescent tubes from third rank suppliers.. In the long run it is a more expensive solution due to the shorter lifespan of the products, it harms the environment, meanwhile the poor quality creates a worsening of the negative effects that bad lighting creates..”

The Marketing manager of DEB Scandinavia says “..We want to bring back the awareness of the tremendous positive impact quality lighting has on the workplace and we really want to make a statement in favour of improving the environment.. We feel confident that the organisations which did not yet experience the high quality of Long Lasting Lights will eventually become dedicated customers after testing the products..”.

DEB offers small test packages with different types of T8 and T5 fluorescent tubes completely for free to a limited number of companies and institutions in Scandinavia. The only criteria needed to qualify for receiving a free test package of Long Lasting Lights is to accept that a consultant from DEB visits and gives a free evaluation of the complete lighting system. “..For those that decide to test Long Lasting Lights for free, we will carry out a complete evaluation including measurements of energy efficiency and light output volume without any further obligations..”

The obvious economical, environmental and quality-related benefits of the Long Lasting productshave pushed DEB towards its new initiative. A salesman from DEB has been quoted for saying that “..Not one single company that tried the Long Lasting Lights in connection to the new campaign decided to discard the product in their future plans for the lighting system..” This statement is backed strongly by the official announcement of an expected increase of between 5 and 10% in the market share of DEB within 1 to 2 years.

Finally ILC is now introducing its long awaited T5 tubes

The extensive and hard work carried out by DEB in relation to bringing forth the long awaited long life version of T5 tubes has now yielded results. As of from today a ground breaking product that pushes the known boundaries of efficient life time for T5 light tubes is available.


With great pleasure and pride DEB is now offering a wider range of possibilities for within the Long Lasting product range. T5 light tubes in 15,28 and 49 Watt can now be ordered form your local office. On the official website of DEB specifications, guarantees and a wide range of other information is available on the T5 Long Lasting products. According to one prominent and leading observer of the lighting industry DEB has really taken all of there competitors by surprise since the companies achievements will set new benchmarks for what can be obtained with R&D efforts. He ads “The specifications and performance level of the T5 tube that DEB is introducing is simply just outstanding..”. And he continues by saying “It is my strong belief that years will pass before any of the competitors will introduce anything similar”

The T5 light tubes are available in all the common standard editions and in a wide array of different colour tones. Very soon DEB will also introduce safety tubes with plastic coatings. The price levels that DEB has indicated that the T5 tubes will be available at is very affordable. The company has even announced that they are issuing a concept encompassing a guarantee for savings as they are already known for with their T8 tubes. The CEO of DEB thinks that the T5 introduction proves that using resources on R&D really pays of. “We are very proud of our final result in matters of the quality level that we have managed to develop a T5 tube at.”

DEB has ensured that extra staff in the customer service will be present during the next period to answer questions about the T5 release.

Thoughts On The Dismal Reputation Of Telemarketing

Within the sector of industrial lighting DEB is one of the most diversified players when comparing the use of different marketing approaches. The company is using a wide range of different marketing strategies including also the use of telemarketing. “If you are a customer of Lyreco or Coca Cola you will experience that they call you once in a while to hear if you need anything. This is part of what they consider to be good customer service..” says an employee from the marketing department of DEB. For DEB customer service effectiveness and satisfaction are part of the key performance areas that the company are measuring its own performance upon. “In contradiction to many large corporations we do not only focus on our financial performance..” says a the CFO of DEB. Her comment is backed by the marketing department that explains “To offer the best variety and convenience for our customers we have a team of call centre agents that contacts them on a regular basis. This ensures that we have an ongoing dialogue with all of our customers and raise the perceived customer service level..”. In connection to the use of a call centre DEB wants to distance itself from the bleak and negative reputation that has been attached to the use of telemarketing in Scandinavia. “It is very unfortunate that telemarketing has been stigmatised with a negative aurora. Being in a dialogue with customers must be top priority for most companies..” says an official representative from DEB. The CEO of DEB says “We are using telemarketing with great precaution and are very careful that none of our customers feels that we are intruding on their privacy..”

He continues by adding “As a result of our precautions concerning the use of telemarketing we have established clear guidelines that our call centre agents are obliged to follow.

On top of this we have an additional verification procedure that is followed strictly on all contracts for deliveries made via the phone. As a matter of security for us and our customers every agreement that is made orally is backed up by a quick confirmation call which statistically limits the percentage of delivery errors with more than 95%..” says the CEO. DEB believes that telemarketing can be a useful tool as a supplement to more traditional marketing approaches. The company respects that some will opt out from being called by call centre agents and will immediately take measures to remove their details from the CRM system. The marketing department of DEB states that “Using telemarketing in a positive and ethically explicit way offers benefits for everyone..” All registered businesses that are not customers of DEB can apply for receiving a regular service call from the call centre of ILC to ensure that they never run out of lighting articles at an inconvenient moment. “If you have read this and want us to call you for example twice a year please send us a request and we will then add you to our CRM system. It is free of charge and there are no strings attached..” says an employee of DEB.

Break through in R&D efforts brings new opportunities

Soon the extensive and hard work carried out by DEB in relation to bringing forth the long awaited long life version of T5 tubes will yield results in a market introduction of a ground breaking product that will push the known boundaries of efficient life time for T5 light tubes.

According to senior product developers within the R&D department of DEB, the company is soon at the tipping point of its research in T5 light tubes. Estimates coming from DEB are actually predicting that an introduction of T5 light tubes in a long life version will take place before the end of 2008.

“The specifications and the performance level of the T5 light tube that we are introducing will exceed the expectations of everyone..” says an employee of the research lab. He continues by adding “It currently looks like it is going to be possible to extend the estimated lifetime to a level of around 50.000 hours meanwhile the loss of light strength during the lifetime will be very limited” The T5 light tubes will be available in all the common standard editions and in a wide array of different colour tones.

Further out in the future it is also expected that safety tubes with plastic coatings will be introduced.

Expected product specifications:Est. lifetime: 50.000

CRI value: 85-95

Wattage: 15-49

Kelvin: 2700-8000

Lumen per watt: 130-140

The specifications mentioned above are only for indicative purposes since changes may occur as the actual end product is launched. However the above may also be seen as a reflection on what will be achieved as a worst case scenario.


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